with a clear mind, healthy body and open heart your spirit shines…

How can you think more clearly and become more focused?

What do you want out of life and how can you achieve it?

What is your passion that can help you ‘live from your heart’?

How can you make your significant relationship(s) better?

How can you become resilient enough to meet any challenge?

How can you live a more harmonious, balanced, happier life?

…uncover the answers to these and other ‘burning’ questions you may have. Clarify your thoughts, pinpoint your passion, develop your mental resilience and feel stronger, become more confident and happier.

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what we provide

A brief summary of what spirit|shines offers, but be sure to visit the pages using the navigation above or the links in each box below to learn more…

astrological insights.

– What are the cosmic influences that have affected you since birth?
– How you might you improve your intimate relationship/s?
– How can clarity about your passions/dreams lead to a more fulfilling work life?
– What are the astrological indications that might impact upon your child?…
Evolutionary astrology can provide answers to these and many more concerns..
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reiki healing

This ancient form of healing can help you clear physical and psychological blocks that may be affecting your life:
– Clear energetic blocks
– Resolve stagnation, feeling stuck, unable to move forward
– Eliminate ‘toxic’ feelings and behaviors
– Re-establish healthy energetic flow…
Discover how the power of Reiki can help, even at distance…
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flower remedies

Dr. Edward Bach’s Flower Remedies are known the world over and many people have found this simple, natural form of therapy very effective:
– banish negative emotions
– optimize mental and emotional state
– re-establish harmony
– works for all ages in a gentle and subtle way
– used in hospitals and hospices in Italy and around the world…
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1-2-1 consultations

We are available for personal and private consultation and would love to hear from you if there is anything we can do to assist your optimal growth, development, problem resolution or to help you gain insight and clarity through our genuine and heartfelt support….

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online courses

We periodically offer a 12 week Introduction to Astrology course which you can read more about here or get in touch to find out about dates and availability.

It is also possible to participate in the First Level of the Bach Center from the comfort of home. You can choose Costanza as a Tutor by indicating your choice of ‘Costanza Magnocavallo’ when registering read more…

spirit|shines merchandise

We have opened the spirit|shines store to offer a variety of distinctive clothing, astrological posters and charts and other decorative and household items. Sales through the store also allow us to offer discounted consultations and support to those under financial stress.

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more about our services

Some additional pointers about the healing consultations we offer…

astrological analyses & insights

We offer various astroloigical analyses including:

  • In depth analysis on one’s natal chart.
  • Analysis of transits and progressions.
  • Relationship analysis through astrological synastry.
  • Analysis of astrological influences on profession/vocation.
  • Child’s birth chart analysis.
  • …but do not hesitate to ask about anything you may be seeking help with.
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flower remedy consultations

  • Bach flowers have been in use for more than 80 years, their use is now worldwide and are also used in hospitals in Italy and elsewhere.
  • Unlike homeopathy or anthroposophic medicines, the method is much simpler.
  • Flower remedies can be taken by the newborn, the sick and the centenarian.
  • They have no contraindications and integrate perfectly with other types of treatments, including allopathic ones.
  • To experience “the power of flowers” get in touch today!

energy treatments & healing

  • Reiki is an ancient healing art.
  • The word Reiki means Universal Life Energy.
  • Reiki is based on energy rebalancing and can resolve physical and psychological blocks.
  • Whether you would simply like to request a energy rebalancing session of Reiki therapy, or perhaps to discuss the possibility of learn to become a Reiki practitioner yourself…
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let’s work together!

Whether you would like request a personal consultation, or want to find out more about joining a group training session online (we usually use Zoom), or just want to ask us some further questions about how we might be able to assist you without obligation…


“I feel I can recommend this professional, as I received a reading of my astral chart that amazed me greatly. She managed to recognize and understand the key points to have a broader vision on a personal level. Her acute analysis of all the astrological aspects was important as well as including valuable suggestions to be put into practice immediately. Excellent opportunity to review the registration of the consultation.”


Extraordinary person, competent, professional and of an incredible humanity.


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