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If you have nurtured a desire to learn more about astrology now is the time to do just that. Long established and respected evolutionary astrologer, Costanza Magnocavallo, will introduce you to the key astrological concepts and lead you on the path to becoming able to make your own analyses — for yourself, your family and friends…


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introduction to astrology course

The Introduction to Astrology course consists of 12 weekly meetings to learn the astrological language and use it daily as a tool to live in harmony with the energies of the universe.

During the course we will follow together the symbolic vertical thinking and the archetypal language of signs, planets, houses, aspects, so that astrology can broaden the awareness of the talents and challenges that life has in store for each of us and that it can also be a tool and a way to reach an awakening of consciousness and a greater contact with one’s Higher Self.

outline of the course

Astrology studies the correspondences between the positions of the stars at the time of birth and the characteristics of the individual.
It does not trace the person’s destiny, but the basic lines of the potential development of his character.
Evolutionary astrology aims to identify what is the path of the soul, its tasks, its challenges and its goals over the course of a life.
The study of the natal sky can become a real path of self-knowledge and spiritual growth that reconnects us to the “project” of our soul.

Course program
– what is astrology?
– introduction to the planets
– zodiac and signs
– polarity and mode
– the 4 elements
– the 12 signs
– the planets: luminaries, personal,
– social and transpersonal
– the angles and the ascendant, the cross of the incarnation
– the 12 houses
– aspects
– the lunar nodes
– chiron

other astrological services

Further studies, advanced astrological tuition and personal astrological advice can be discussed and arranged on request.


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