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Astrology provides insight to the ways you can become the best version of you as well as assisting you in recognizing self-limiting behaviors that may so far have held you back in your professional and personal life.

– Discover what your (or your child’s) birthchart indicates
– Find out more about the strengths and weaknesses in your closest relationship
– Learn about what astrology reveals with respect to your vocation

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evolutionary astrology

a path to self-knowledge focused on the soul


Astrology is the discipline that studies the correspondences existing between the positions of the stars at the moment of birth and the characteristics of the individual. The zodiacal circle (the path of the sun through the twelve constellations as it appears from the terrestrial point of view) is the symbol of the totality of the child who is born. We therefore have a symbolic picture of the person, with the zodiac wheel, symbol of his/her totality, on the outside and the planets, symbols of his/her components, on the inside. The horoscope does not trace the destiny of the individual, but the basic lines of the potential development of his/her character.

The natal or birth chart gives back to the individual his own personal myth. The stars are not outside us, but as Shiller* says “in your heart are the stars of your destiny”. They therefore live and operate in our psyche: to grasp them in their unitary configuration means to grasp and live our inner mandala.

Sometimes the choices we make in our life are in perfect harmony with what we could define as “the project” of our soul. Other times the desires of the ego seem to contrast with those of the soul and we find ourselves so stuck, confused, wondering who we are, where we are going, why we repeat the same mistakes and are unable to live our life and our relationships with joy.

The paths that can be taken in search of the Truth are endless, but the most important step is always to know oneself, since nothing we can do to grow, if not try to be what we really are.

Starting from this reality, evolutionary astrology aims to identify the path of the soul, in the light of its tasks, its challenges and its goals over the course of a lifetime.

In its evolutionary meanings, astrology can become a real path of self-knowledge and spiritual growth.

Evolutionary astrology offers different analytical approaches to the natal sky depending on the person’s needs:

 * Friedrich Schiller (1759 – 1805): German poet and philosopher.

birth chart

In depth analysis on one’s natal chart to improve self-knowledge.

Expect this study to last for one-and-a-half hours to complete satisfactorily.


transits and progressions

The celestial energies in motion and how they relate to the current development of our existence.

To make an proper analysis will take one-and-a-half hours.


relationship analysis

Study of synastry (comparison of horoscopes of two people in order to assess their likely compatibility) and composite analysis that provides insight and improve the knowledge of the relationship.

This consultation also normally requires one-and-a-half hours.


profession and vocation

Study of attitudes and resources to be applied so as to ensure that working life becomes a rich and rewarding experience, the very expression of one’s true self.


child’s natal indications

An analysis that aims to facilitate growth while respecting the energies with which the little ones come into the world.

Astrological analyses are undertaken by Costanza Magnocavallo experienced and established evolutionary astrologer offering consultations for almost 25 years read more…

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