Mercury ℞ in Gemini, May 29-June 22, 2021

In this period, Mercury is retrograde in the sign of the Twins, Gemini. It is all too easy to get caught up in the confusion this passage may cause and the concentration isn’t really at its peak. Having this insight we can avoid unnecessarily flapping like a frenzied flag in the wind and instead we can take an opportunity to review our ideas and ways of communicating. This is the gift of planets in retrograde motion: revisiting, rethinking, reorganizing, which can then enable us to start afresh on June 22, when Mercury will return to direct movement.

Mercury is at home in the sign of the Twins, for the planet rules communication, transport and travel, acquaintances (various friendships), learning, sales, exchanges, and close relatives (such parents, siblings and cousins). In all these areas of interaction it will be a bit tricky to start something new; it would be better to slow down to avoid going around feeling unfulfilled or misunderstood.

Gemini is fast, talkative, fun loving and adaptable and while Mercury is in the Air sign, we may feel the desire to move at the same lightning pace as ‘the Twins’, change course on a whim and have lively and engaging conversations that continue endlessly. It will do us good to connect with those who stimulate us intellectually, even if only to allow us to reexamine our way of thinking, try to stay open but without running about and dabbling in a thousand different things that will only exacerbate any sense of confusion.

Mercury governs mental energy, relaxing the mind will be especially useful during this time and bring us open mindedness, flexibility and calmness. A time to practice some form of meditation perhaps?

Let’s also try not to believe everything we read, see or hear: let’s check the sources, let’s inform ourselves more completely, even that which purports to be ‘trusted’ media can often be deceiving! Take care and also try to attend to your intuitive inner voice in attempting to discern the true value of any information gleaned from the babble that surrounds us!

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