Costanza provides astrological insights to: Full Moon 27°28′ ♊️ Gemini – December 19, 2021 06:35 (Costanza apologizes for a moment of confusion when she mentions December 28th at the beginning of the video! Should have said 19th…but was ‘thinking ahead’ :D)

The full moon occurs when the Sun and the Moon in transit are in exactly opposite signs and degrees in the Zodiac. Full moons are tied to climax and their energy is emotional and strong. You can find yourself at a maturing point of a six-month cycle that began on June 10, 2021 with a solar eclipse of the New Moon in Gemini, and you are also reaching the peak of the shortest cycle that started 14 days ago, with the total solar eclipse in Sagittarius.

This Full Moon closes the eclipse portal and also the year; during this period, the intentions you have established in these two solar eclipses can manifest and bloom. You have the chance to reap the fruits of your labor and clarify something that was still confused or undefined. In this full moon you are navigating the deep wisdom of life. In Gemini, an intellectual full moon melts the mind with emotions.

The Sun in Sagittarius will rather seek the truth. You can remove the pebbles from your shoes, say what needs to be said, and communicate in a more authentic way. You may engage in too many activities, be flooded with too many ideas and information that cannot be synthesized or supported by a spiritual vision. You might discover that with this Full Moon new illumination are born.

Anything that has been carried out by the eclipse can now become visible, allowing you to see things clearly. Use this beautiful full moon energy to expand the dimensions of your mind and to see things from a wider and brighter perspective.

Retrograde Venus sets fire to the heart and relationships in your life. These relationships are not only about others, but also your relationship with yourself, self-esteem, money and things you value. Venus connected to Pluto dramatically increases your need for love and affection. Do you want to experience the relationship on a deeper and intense level.

Along with the energy of Venus and Pluto, you also have Saturn and Uranus preparing to form their third and final square of 2021. While Saturn and Uranus did this dance all year round, under this Full Moon you could feel the cumulative effects of this energy. You can feel a sense of opposite push between freedom and boundaries, but also a restlessness when it comes to how to deal with things.

This Gemini Full Moon can unlock a new and higher state of consciousness. And always remember that you are the entire Universe expressing itself in a material form, in yourself, here on earth; feel this huge space within you where there is only quiet and peace, you can go there whenever you feel stressed, anxious or confused, just go to your center and take a rest. (I am preparing a free meditation download to help you do ts more easily which will be available to subscribers shortly. Not yet subscribed…please got here now and join us: )

Happy full moon to all you beautiful souls, see you in the next video.

Costanza Magnocavallo