…some seriously light-hearted astrological insights from Costanza for 9th December 2021:

Mars enters Sagittarius today, Mercury enters Capricorn and Venus is conjunct Pluto. So, the 10 instructions for use:

– shoot your arrow with enthusiasm as far as you can

– but ask for the receipt of the shipment

– plan your next vacation, in a detailed but adventurous way!

– make a serious commitment to your long-term relationships

– but don’t forget that passion has to be expressed or it goes bad

– clean the closet of family skeletons

– follow Marie Kondo’s instructions by replacing clothes with your relationships

– remove the stick from your backside that prevents you from saying I love you, I love you

– enjoy deep and lasting connections – transcend sex into total and passionate union

mars in sagittarius, mercury in capricorn, venus conjuct pluto, 9th december 2021 | costanza magnocavallo astrologer at spiritshines.com

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