Mercury in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces. 10 instructions for use:

1 Remember to take off your rose-tinted spectacles.

2 Tell someone about your love.

3 Have any Saints come down from their pedestal.

4 Turn on the fog lights.

5 Look who you love in the eye (even the soul that is with you)

6 Bask in celestial music.

7 Read each codicil on the documents to be signed.

8 Stop and feel the center of your heart and then expand it into the heart of the universe. Write, paint, or communicate what you’ve felt.

9 Recognize the Red Cross nurse in you.

10 Dance as if you were transported by angels.

mercury in sagittarius square neptune in pisces 7 december 2021 | costanza magnocavallo at spiritshines