Mercury Rx 25th ♎︎ September 27-October 18, 2021Mercury will become retrograde, for the third time in the year, at 25° of Libra on September 27, 2021. The retrogradation period will end on October 18 in the same sign.

Throughout 2021, Mercury is retrograde in air signs. Mercury is comfortable in air signs and this can intensify the strength of retrograde energy we felt during the year.It’s essentially a moment where we’re guided to enter and connect with our subconscious mind, attention shifts to help us receive messages from the invisible kingdoms and our inner world.Libra is a sign governed by Venus, we can see this moment as a long conversation between Mercury and Venus (planet governor of Libra).

(Illustration: Chesca Gamboa / Tatler Asia)

Mercury rules on how we choose to communicate, express ourselves and receive information.

In Libra, the focus can be on our relationships or how we choose to communicate with others. Libra is the sign of partnership and how we relate and interact with the people around us. We may have difficulty understanding other opinions, or we may lose ourselves in weighing all options and ideas and endlessly faltering. Having more confidence can help; this transit can be used for reconciliation, or for the closure of a relationship.

We are learning to get along and work together with others in harmony, establishing a new balance. We need to be aware and not be dragged into dramas, Libra likes to mediate, so it often gets dragged into other people’s problems. It’s good to be diplomatic, but let’s ask ourselves if it’s really something that concerns us. Let’s remember that it’s not what you say is important, but it’s what the other feels. Let’s make sure what we’re trying to convey is understood.

We can strengthen our connections with some or decide it’s time to move away from others. We may have the chance to reconnect with past people, or old loves, which can be positive, but if it’s not for the right reasons, it may not last once the retrograde period is over.

Mercury retrograde can bring communication and technology problems, nervous anxiety, travel delays and lost and foundations. Reliable information can be difficult to obtain during Mercury retrograde, but we can offset it with inner awareness. We pay attention to the deepest problems during Mercury retrograde. Let dreams and meditations bring us useful information. Let’s ask ourselves why things are. Let’s look beyond superficial chaos, let’s observe the deep causes of our problems.

With 6 planets in retrograde, this isn’t the month for important new initiatives. Taking our time to integrate and evaluate our current pathways and dilemmas. In the short term we may feel frustrated as we struggle to find our balance, but if we take a step back, we’ll see that long-term talk is developing. Changes will become more visible at the end of retrogradation.

A square of Pluto in Capricorn will intensify mental processes, exploration of inner perceptual patterns that shaped how we interpret and communicate information. Wherever it is, regardless of whether it’s retrograde or not, Mercury tells us where the collective ′′mind′′ is. When Mercury waits for Pluto, the focus is on power. Pluto is the planet of life and death experiences, trauma and transformation. Pluto is obsession.

We’re interested in secrets, topics that aren’t superficial, people’s motives, history beyond history. Our deepest parts affect our thinking and decisions. This is a great time to start psychotherapy or work on our shadows.

With Mars in Libra, forming a conjunction with Mercury while it is retrograde, it will be a cathartic period, with the possibility of eliminating the old way of thinking that drives us to action and regenerate our desire and determination to fulfill life’s purpose.

This tension lasts until October 1, when the Mercury-Pluto square completes and finally starts to separate and weaken. We can revisit the issues we’re facing right now or close the circle at the time of the third passage of square Mercury to Pluto on November 1

This retrograde Mercury could also make us revisit themes that were important in June this year at the time of its last retrogradation.

To simplify life during this transit, let’s treat ourselves (and others) with kindness. Let’s check back the travels, contracts, emails, the information we get from the world. Communicating clearly with everyone (bosses, spouses, companions and so on) and always having perseverance helps us get the best from this stage. RE-do, RE-view, RE-novate and RE-connect, RE-pair, with the right amount of time for reflection and digestion, Mercury retrograde can bring intuition and new mental connections. Let’s sit with our emotions, breathe in your body and let the wheel of planets keep spinning.

Costanza Magnocavallo