Full Moon 16° in Cancer 7th January 2023, 12.08 am CET

The first full moon of 2023 occurs on January 7 at 16°22 Cancer at 12:08 am CET.

In this video I tell you about the energy of this Moon and how to navigate its waters in a beneficial way for you.

January might seem slow with Mercury and Mars in retrograde, but we can use this as an opportunity not to rush the river and to be more intentional.

In the midst of the dry chill of Capricorn, let’s welcome the Moon into her birth sign of Cancer.

This is the promise of a warm fire and a hug on a winter’s night, the feeling of having arrived at our true home.

Emotions will be heightened due to the retrograde motions of both Mercury and Uranus, which are in aspect to the tender, protective and sentimental Cancer Moon.

As it is happening in the nurturing sign of Cancer, it will prompt you to do everything in your power to feel safe, comfortable, and well nourished.

The Moon is at home in the sign of Cancer and this energy will inspire us to find a sense of home within ourselves.

Full Moons act as a checkpoint to release anything that has been holding you back, as well as any limiting influences you may be clinging to. They are a celebration of culmination, completion and reward.

The sun and the moon oppose each other in the sky and we are faced with two disparate sides of our psyche, trying to reconcile them.

So we are faced with dilemmas, trying to balance personal and professional commitments, honoring the importance of parenting, family and intimate relationships, the need for nurturing and security, but also for self-control and discipline, valuing the role of tradition and ancestral roots in shaping our identity and sense of belonging in a rapidly changing global reality.

Chiron squares Sun/Mercury AND Moon, stripping away the layers of protection we have carefully built up over the years.

For a few days before the lunation and a few days after, he watches heightened emotions that offer a clue to healing old wounds and wounds.

Retrograde Uranus in Taurus is trine the Sun and sextile the Moon, opening up doors, options, and possibilities that might seem new and exciting.

The Full Moon is connected to Mercury, the planet of the mind, which will encourage you to think a little more deeply than usual.

Mercury is still retrograde and won’t go direct until later this month. Mercury represents the mind and information processing, and it’s in Capricorn right now where all the details matter.

With Mars and Mercury retrograde together you can feel like you are taking one step forward and two steps back.

You may experience an inner conflict between rational thinking and intuitive feeling. Your heart may say one thing but your head another, making it harder to understand your true feelings and share them.

The Moon in Cancer represents the waters of the womb, and therefore water rituals align and empower you with this energy.

Do whatever can expand your heart, take all the time you need, ask yourself what you can do to love and nurture not only others, but yourself as well. Look at where in your life you depend too much on others and think about how you can become more emotionally independent.

Use this Full Moon to reflect on the past year, to honor the experiences you’ve ha

You can align with your heart, and you can transform sensitivity into wisdom, awareness and greater compassion.

I wish you a Full Moon where you can make your hearth, your affections shine and where you can expand your intuition so that it can guide your life.

With love
Costanza Magnocavallo