Are you an Empath? If you have even read just this far then I feel as if you might be 🙂
So, if you are an Empath, do you feel as if you want to make the most of this gift?
If you are asked if you are an Empath, and you feel instinctively inclined to answer ‘Yes’ then you probably are one (perhaps because you already know how difficult it can be!) But even if you only feel as if you are not sure, then it is still quite likely that you are an empath!
Empaths are blessed, and cursed simultaneously, with their ‘sensitivity’ to the world around them. On the one hand this can be an immeasurably wonderful gift, for you and those around you, but it can also make life incredibly challenging (so much so that you may be tempted to try and ‘squash’ your gift, ignore it, or even try to reject it… all options which may ultimately prove bad for you).
Being an empath is, indeed, a gift, but also a challenge to cope with, as your ‘skin’ is so thin, and your sensibility so acute:-
– It leaves you vulnerable
– You could often feel confused
– You may be so over-sensitive
– So, you may feel easily hurt, rejected, misunderstood and under-appreciated
– You may even feel as if you are in a constant heightened state of ‘fear’, or at least anxiety
…the last two years have been exceptionally difficult, especially for natural Empaths, and many may be currently suffering from a form of ‘traumatic stress disorder’
I am currently preparing some valuable information about being an Empath and I hope you might find it personally helpful, I’ll be posting more about this in a little while, but essentially if you feel, or know, that you are an Empath then I will be exploring topics such as:
1) Why, as an Empath, you may need ‘protection’ – and how you can achieve this to make you feel safer and stronger to deal with some of the challenges your gift may bring with it.
2) Why you may need ‘guidance’ – sometimes being an Empath will help you to become keenly aware of how others are suffering (you’ll tend to ‘absorb’ that suffering if you aren’t careful – perhaps this has happened before?) and you may feel compelled to try to help… but knowing when and how to intervene and what kind of help you should offer can be difficult to know without ‘guidance’
Employing your gift of empathy is a valuable and essential resource for humanity in these difficult times. My own experience has led me to recognize that people often need some assistance to understand how to best employ their gift – that is – how to feel confident and safe to use it to best effect.
In the mean time, if you do (as I suspect — if you have read this far 🙂 ) identify even somewhat with the idea that you might be an Empath do email me and let me know about challenges you have faced, and feel free to ask any questions about what ‘being an Empath’ is and how it may be impacting on you just now and/or how you can become a more effective and happier Empath in the future.
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