Beloved Soul,

Within you are libraries of ancient wisdom,
a deep inner knowing
of how to create peace
in your life
and on Earth.

You hold the vibration of love
innately in your soul.

You are Love.
It is the truth of who you are.

Do you remember?

When peace is restored within you
and on earth,
your soul will whisper,
“I am a part of it all.”

“I am the peace that ripples out
through the heart of humanity.”

“I am in everything.
Every rock,
every tree,
every blade of grass.”

“I am in you,
and you in me.”

“I am that I am.”

Can you feel it?

If you are ready to remember the light of your soul,
and the peace that is available to you always,
I invite you to come on a soul healing journey.

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Photo by Loïc DAYANT from Pexels