If you want to be revolutionary, be kind.

No matter why, just start with a small gesture, do it with the heart, a small kindness a day, then maybe two and so on. At first it will seem like others will take advantage of it, you just need to continue uninterrupted and you will see your world fill slowly with friendship, peace, love.

Let’s cultivate this virtue everyday because we are all caught up in anger, judgement and irritation and every scream, criticism, judgement that we express to another actually turn it towards us. Slowly we see the tender sprout grow, our relationships become more flexible and we learn to be kinder to ourselves.

Kindness is widely underestimated, and it’s so restful, welcoming, loving; we are capable of great kindness with older people, children, animals, but when we find ourselves among adults we forget how to relate to each other.

Kindness doesn’t mean weakness, actually, the stronger you are and the more you can afford to be kind; kindness means empathy, it means looking at each other with clear eyes, fearlessly, being confident and putting aside judgements and opinions.

Kindness means that our inner peace is stronger than other people’s behavior and is not shaken by it, as the Dalai Lama suggests.

Kindness is refreshing, like a light breeze blowing away the clouds that oppress us, it’s moving in peace for the world, it is our true nature, it is home.